Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here at Last

Well it's all very real now! It has been a rough two days with no running water in the apartment and a sense of complete isolation from everything I know but things are beginning to take shape and come together. I feel like a foreigner in my own land sometimes and yet other times I am incredibly connected and moved by it all.
There are a wealth of musicians, artists, and photographers here. The city is buzzing with life and energy. At the Naregatsi Art Institute there is something every evening - from fashion shows to pantomime to concerts and exhibitions. It is a true cultural fountain.
To wake in the morning and see Mount Ararat majestically on the horizon is incredibly moving. She is playful and flirtatious - sometimes barely showing herself and sometimes stating her presence like a queen. When she decides to show herself I have to catch my breath at her splendour.
We visited the home of Roupen Haghperdian - a famous singer here. He is a character out of a feminists nightmare. It was entertaining nevertheless. We have also managed to watch some incredible jazz musicians and meet many interesting artists. I am now meeting and greeting - socialising and discovering my environment so as to begin my musical venture. As for the village - I am meeting with the director of Yerkir this week and hopefully we will set a date to go up and see them. SO much to do - but all will fall into place - I am at peace with it.
I have enjoyed the quiet times at my apartment as well. Sitting on the balcony and overlooking the city. Summer has already arrived and tourist season will begin soon bringing with it more buzz.
I shall check in again shortly.
Love and light


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