Thursday, July 27, 2006


I feel it is easy for me to express myself with words but today the emotion that I felt while listening to "Marts" (the song I have written about the village) being mixed is one which I am struggling to describe accurately. I can attempt to say that it was a mixture of of goosebumps, joy with a desire to cry and an overwhelming sense of what was borderline ecstatic madness. To love so much, to feel so much and have it induced naturally by sheerly engaging in that which I feel I am meant to do in this life should be so obvious. So many of us make excuses to not be able to do the things we truly want to do and deprive ourselves of the chance to feel true happiness. I could not purchase this feeling anywhere - it is from within. I am grateful for the light.


Anonymous rayna said...

Hey Mayhem!

I would like to apologize for stating that you should embrace vartavar...once is more than enough! It started out amusing at first with the little ones and the nene's tossing buckets over the balcony, but soon became very obnoxious!
I also wanted to say that i can relate to your statement that we make excuses not to do what we really want and deprive ourselves of happiness. I suppose this is why my drive to return here is so strong as well - only here do i truly experience this overwhelming sense of peace that i have not felt in years.
May I also remind you that my time to actually hear you in concert is quickly diminishing?! Get yourself to the local SAS, will you!?!

3:16 PM  
Blogger Sonya Varoujian said...

I know that sense of peace well. In one of my songs "Towards the Homeland" the words actually say - and to finally come home and feel a certain peace. Yup! Will a VAS do instead of SAS? I have a fan at my local VAS - it would guarrantee an audience :)

2:07 PM  

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