Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Images of England

I can definitely say that the rolling green hills of England are a massive contrast to the rocky, dusty, mountainous summer yellows of Armenia. It continues to rain at least once a day since I have been here. When in Rome do as the Romans and so my Sunday consisted of a walk in the countryside and a stop at the local pub.
One thing that I have always enjoyed about England are its dramatic skies. The clouds are so prevalent here that when the sun breaks through it is like angels descending from heaven. It can be breathtaking.
I look forward to my return to the land of heat and dust. Apparently preparations for the concert are underway. An advertisement is being prepared, a search for sponsors, the hall has confirmed its availability and tv stations have agreed to air the music video. Thanks to the hard work of Deem Communications who are seeing to the work while I am away strolling amongst the green English hills one might say.
All is moving forwards - as always. Enjoying the anticipation.
Peace and love


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