Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh Paris! (Paghee)!

Four days in a city which I had from previous experience classed as unfriendly and pretentious but what a nice surprise to be incorrect! I had a lot of time to myself these past few days which allowed me to reflect on life, Past, future, present - all of which seem incredibly intense at the moment but truthfully I would expect no less with so many changes in the last year.
I was in Paris to get the mastering of the CD done and to get the duplication on the go so that we could have it all ready for the concert on the 24th of September. I was extremely fortunate to have this side of the project (ie: mastering, duplication, not to mention 2 song arrangements) sponsored by a dear friend Bernard Ganimian who has been aware of
my musical past and has supported and encouraged my growth and
perseverance in this side of my life. After a gruelling security check which included a queue that was two hours long, a body scan and body search where I felt like I might get an interrogation because I forgot my Vicks inhaler in my handbag I actually made it on the plane to Paris.
We had an incredibly delicous Pizza (yes we were in France I realise) with some lovely wine and caught up on the whole process I had been through. Tuesday was spent at the mastering studio all day in which I worked with Jean Pierre at LA Source Studios. Jean Pierre was a very tall man with 3/4 length shorts, a tshirt, and red trainers. He reminded me very much of Gerard Depardieu and it wasn't just his being French or his nose. It was entertaining nevertheless and now the CD should resonate equally on all sorts of devices! Bernard took me to a lovely sushi meal in the evening (again I realise I was in Paris but was having withdrawal as good Sushi is hard to come by). After an early night I went back to the mastering studio to fine tune a few things and then we rushed off to the duplication so that we could get it all done on time. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Paris. I had the odd cafe sitting at the streetside bistros watching the passers by. I went in search of Creme Brulee and ended up with Tart au Citron. The rubbish collectors passing by wished me a good appetite while I had lunch, random people on the street smiled, even a gentleman offered to pay for my coffee in the evening while surrounded by his friends - I thought this sort of thing doesn't happen in England. Paris is such a friendly place! I spent the evening reading a book in my hotel room and listening to music.
Thursday was spent much the same way wandering around Paris and taking in the sights but was followed by a surprise trip to Monmarte thanks to Bernard on route to the airport. I adore going there and so it was a great way to end a ponderous few days. A massive thank you to Bernard for taking care of this end of things. I only pray the concert will be well attended and a good reflection of all the work that we put in these last four months.
And so! 4 days left to go back to Armenia. I shall have to decide what to take in my suitcase as I have the wonderful security checks to look forward to, need to carry 500 CD's and am only allowed 23 kilos. Hmmmmm....
I am sure all will be well! Will be writing to you from the blistering heat of Yerevan next time around.
Peace and love


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