Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the Hands of God

Last night 1000 freshly pressed CD's arrived in England - 500 of which I will take to Armenia. I hear that Kotayk Beer is sponsoring my concert on the 24th. I wonder if this will entail my having to take swigs of beer while singing? Flattering nevertheless to have such a household name involved. I also hear that the mock up of the printed CD booklet looks very nice from various different sources who have seen it. I am excited to have a look. I think Arsineh Khachikian did a beautiful job on the graphic design. My musicians have already rehearsed bar a percussionist which they are having difficulty finding - this is a bit frightening. There seem to be no other bites on sponsorship other than Kotayk and that is frightening too. Some tv stations insist on having me as a guest before airing the music video - these are all unforseen little bumps which unfortunately do not help the PR side of things.
Well - I have played, practised, felt, loved, cried, lost and gained in my project this last year. I aim to get on the stage on September 24th and give a performance in which every fiber of my being will be resonating that which I believe in and experienced. I pray that all things will come together. I can do no more but to leave this last bit of the project to unravel just as it should.
We fly to Armenia tomorrow (my parents will be going for the first time). I find it hard to believe that 5 weeks went so quickly. I am mixed with excitement, anxiety, joy, and the old enemy that tries to creep in called fear. That last one I will have to boot up the bottom once I leave the house! Fear is just one of those annoying things that seems quite pointless in life as all you need to do is overcome it mentally.
There is a bit of very very surprising and good news!! I received an email last week saying that the deciding educational board in Marts village had second thoughts about delaying the work and wanted to "strike while the iron was hot" . I hear they are working as we speak and should wrap up before the cold winter sets in. I never thought they would make that decision while the kids were in school! I hope to take my parents up to the village and will take photos if I make it up there. At the end of the day the work will be done - it is a matter of when and it would be quite nice to see it finished after all the effort and donations of many generous people that went towards the project. I can't wait! The principal of the school sent the following message this week "Qeznitz shat shnorhakal klinen mer erexanere, menq el ankaskats.Ete amen mi spyurqahay qo aratsi 10 tokosn aner, hima menq tas angam aveli bareketzik erkrum kapreinq." For those who do not understand Armenian he says "The children of the village and undoubtedly the rest of the village are very thankful for the work that you are doing and that if every diasporan Armenian did even 10% of what we organised then Armenia would be 10 times better off as a country". I would like to say thanks to everyone involved who participated - I only had the idea and all of you gave the means. God bless you.
So this is it. We'll see what happens from here and as I say in the title I am most definitely in the hands of God and look forward to discover exactly what is supposed to happen next.
From my last day in the land of rain. Finally!


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