Sunday, February 04, 2007

Moving Along in the UK

Hello world, hello all - I hope this blog finds you well. I have fallen off the face of the earth once more but found my way back sifting through the many things that I have been dealing with in the last 3 months! Firstly I want to say that I am extremely pleased that Time Magazine will finally publish an issue in February containing facts about the Armenian Genocide with a fulll explanatory DVD after the ridiculous Turkish propaganda they circulated in March. Thank you to the many people who came together to object to what had previously been distributed. I also wrote a letter to the Editor and pessimistically thought what difference will it make but whether or not it did - I am thrilled to see that through coming together and putting the pressure on we as Armenians (and those who wanted the truth to be heard) achieved something extremely positive. Bravo to the ANC for their thank you letter to TIME as well.
On a lighter note - the good news is that it looks like the Armenian Navy Band and myself will definitely be hitting Australia at the end of this year so I will keep you posted. A massive thank you to Avak Bedikian at Armenian Life magazine who will be making it happen. Speaking of which - Armenian Life magazine is a very professional high quality magazine that comes out of Melbourne and covers all sorts of topics relating to Armenia around the globe. For those in OZ - you should be getting it! For those outside of OZ - have a look into it - it's very interesting. Of course this next issue will be dedicated to Hrant Dink.
At the moment we are in the process of planning an Armenian Navy Band concert in London as well. I am exploring the possibilities and all the angles. I am trying organise an ANB/Katuner (fantastic jazz by 7 of the ANB musicians)concert in Central London and a special acoustic ANB trio/Sonya concert the following day. We shall see what happens. It would be nice to premiere Katuner in France this year too - they are there at least 3 times so it would be a great opportunity. Anyone who has experience in these areas that feels like contributing please let me know.
I spent the day yesterday at the Victoria and Albert museum admiring textiles, furniture, fashion, and other forms of art. I nipped out for a Crepe (by the way - Yerevan - start this business out there - you can't get a really good crepe in Yerevan yet - the closest you get in a Blinchik!) and then returned to the National History Museum where I stood in awe of the dinosaurs once more and tried to go and see some spiders to try and overcome my fear. Instead I was confronted by a giant rubber scorpion which didn't really do much for me but inspired by Christian Bale in Batman Returns, I thought if I keep exposing myself to spiders I might get over it. The presence of several large ones in the apartment in Yerevan this summer left me less than pleased. I could become Spiderwoman and start jumping off buildings and spinning webs but somehow I think they might lock me up if I try...
My museum binge was followed by the electric guitar exhibition at Harrod's where different designers, musicians, and artists, chefs & photographers have designed their own guitars. It was interesting - some were more interesting than others. At the end of the day the amount of consumerism and availability at Harrod's had my head spinning and I was yearning for the simplicity of Yerevan - where life in that sense can be so much less complicating.
Oud lessons are coming along slowly and I can play a few melodies now. I need to practise religiously so I can take it on stage with me at the end of the year hopefully. Apart from that I delve into the world of the worker tomorrow where I start at a Creative University as assistant to the Head teacher (similiar to that which I did last year with a Primary School) but now I am dealing with bigger humans - the kind that tend to swear and spit more but I am looking forward to working.
So - I shall be back - hopefully with some more interesting information. Just thought I would mention I am alive!
Love, love, love all around!! The sun is shining in England today (a rarity) and so we shall shine on as well.


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