Friday, October 27, 2006

The Gift of Music

I am currently experiencing the aftermath of what I would consider one of the most enjoyable concerts I have ever given. Last night at the Avante Garde Folk Club we the musicians and they the audience seem to have connected on some wonderful level. I have never enjoyed the stage so much or felt such great emotion and energy circulating between audience and performer. Opening night was also successful and enjoyable but I think yesterday I reached some kind of milestone in musical experience and understanding that will stand out for me for a long time. It was magic for me - I am very emotional about it!
I would like to thank everyone involved in this project - the incredible musicians who created a wonderful atmosphere last night: Hagop Jaghaspanyan-guitar, Eduard Hartunyan-percussion, Levon Tevanyan-Shvi, Armen Grigoryan-duduk, Nelly Manoukyan-flute, Mary Vardanyan-qanun, Astghik Ghazaryan - oboe, Meruzhan Yeghanyan-accordion, Haik Babayan-Cello, Lilit Mkhitaryan-Viola, Lusine Aghababyan, 2nd Violin, Gemma Abrahamyan-1st Violin, Artyom Manoukyan - Cello, Anna Bayatya - backing vocals. Thank you.
I would like to thank Narine Zarifyan for her hard work in pulling together the rehearsals. Raffi Niziblian, Arsineh Khachikian and the girls at Deem Communications who made things happen, Manoog Caprielian for helping with achieving sponsorship and promotion, The British Council and Kotayk for the sponsorship, Serli from Birthright for her diligence in putting up posters and recruiting people, the girls who sold CD's, the Folk Club (Arayig/Armine) for giving us the hall and a superb sound technician - Grisha - thanks. Thanks to all of the people from press and publicity who covered the show - John Hughes/Armenia Now, Tar 21, Inessa and her crew from Sharm, Shoghagat, and anyone else that I wasn't aware of! To all the TV and radio stations that invited me prior to the concert and are inviting me still - thank you! To the photographers like Nareg, Hawk, and Artur for capturing those moments. Also the British Alumni Assocation for pulling together so many people to support the show, Armen Movsisyan, Mr X, Levon Blbulyan, Raffi Hovhannesyan, Shahe Khatchadourian and absolutely every single body that was there to share in those moments. For those of you that were there from abroad - if you enjoyed the experience, we would be happy to come and share the music in different parts of the world too so keep us in mind! Thank you to all of you who came - to the fans - you are the most important of all.
Being a musician is a strange road - you touch so many people and feel so much in life but in reality it can be a lonely road. Those two hours on the stage are moments that are indescribable - you are allowed to lay yourself bare - open up and show all emotion - and its okay. No one will tell you you care too much or you are too intense. You are actually allowed to really feel. Something that people often are afraid to experience on a daily basis. Yet on the stage - every minute we feel great joy or bleed with pain takes our audience on a journey with us and makes the difference between something stagnant or something that is very real. And perhaps because the performer is separated from the audience by the stage, the audience allows themselves to be taken on a journey they would not allow themselves to take on a daily basis. So I guess what I am saying is that I wish people would allow themselves to feel more things more of the time. It is wonderful stuff to be true to your heart.
So! Enough philosphising. I am not sure what lies ahead on this path but I know to keep following it. I will put up concert photos once I receive them from the various wonderful people that took the photos. Once again - thank you to everyone who contributed in any way shape or form - from inspiring me to come to Armenia in the first place to the person who might have stuck up a poster for me. You are all part of the framework - thank you. Will be back with more excitement from autumnal Yerevan.
Peace and love


Blogger Myrthe said...

You did a great job on Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

8:48 AM  
Blogger Sonya Varoujian said...

Thanks for the feedback Myrthe - so glad you enjoyed it! We certainly did!
Also - a message for Hernan Ganimian - you can find the music on where you can listen and buy the CD or check out the website where you can also listen and download mp3's if you prefer.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lola Koundakjian said...

Thanks Myrthe for letting me know about the concert, and Sonya you GO GIRL!!! It was a great gig!

Love, Lola (Back in NYC already)

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Listened to your music after reading the ArmeniaNow report. I loved your songs and the lyrics, I had to order a copy of your CD.

Depi Yergir is my favorite, and I am sure it will even sound better hearing it under the shadow of Massis.

Your sound warmed my heart and for a moment I felt I was in our dear homeland.

Best regards
Watertown, USA

2:31 AM  
Blogger Sonya Varoujian said...

Thanks Lola - it was great to see you again after all this time - a pleasant surprise! Harry - Merci very much - thank you for the encouragement. Please spread the word - would love to come and give a concert in New England - if you can't make it to Masis we will try and make it to Watertown and would love to bring a little piece of Armenia to you :)

1:13 PM  

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