Thursday, November 30, 2006

You "Oud"n't Say So??

Just a quick blog to say that I am alive. Just as God always seems to make a way in the musical venues of my life, I recently developed an urge to explore the oud and see if it is something I could develop in my musical repertoire. It just so happened that a friend of mine Charle had a spare oud sitting in his attic (as you do) and I have been allowed to borrow it to perform my exploration. On top of that I have managed to secure an appointment with Ahmed Mukhtar so that he can have a look at this oud and start me on lessons. You can imagine my excitement. I am thrilled. While talking about this idea to an old aquaintance Lori Khatchadourian, she suggested I look into the music of Souad Massi. I have since acquired her latest CD and I must say I am enjoying it incredibly. She is from Algeria and now based in Paris and plays oud and guitar. It certainly adds an interesting element to the music - taking it away from typical folk and tying it into more Middle Eastern roots :
I have decided to also take it upon myself to organise some concerts for the Armenian Navy Band in London. As they are being invited over to France for the year of Armenia in France I think it is a great opportunity to get them playing in London. I have currently contacted Ronnie Scott's jazz club and will be following up with them soon in hope that the ANB could do a few nights there in May and would also like to envision that we can organise a special acoustic concert in the large Armenian church (St. Yeghishe) in London too. We shall see. I have also personally been asked to perform here in London so it might even be possible to tie in some of that with them. It is a nice project for me to focus on - I enjoy their music immensely as those who have read my blogs would have realised and would love to see more opportunities for them to play and be recognised - especially after winning in the BBC World Music Awards!
Speaking of which, Armenian Life Magazine in Melbourne Australia has been in touch and there is talk of organising a joint Armenian Navy Band and Sonya concert in Melbourne and Sydney for November 2007. I would be incredibly touched, overjoyed and flattered if we can bring this one about. What bigger joy than to travel with other musicians (whom I admire) and share our music with fellow music lovers. Isn't that what it is all about anyway?
So who knows what the future holds. I will keep my head down and keep playing for now - keep writing, learning, exploring and most of all feeling. Feeling is the key :)
Oh yes! For the particular person who decided to "anonymously" comment that this blog website is self-absorbed....let me elaborate. This blog is about my experiences in and out of Armenia and deals with my music as well as the Marts school renovation project. Therefore, if perhaps you would rather I talk about something else - (like yourself for instance) or perhaps tell us how interesting your own life is I would be open to doing that for you (whoever you may be). Furthermore, one is entitled to their own musical opinions and I definitely prefer the Armenian Navy Band over Lilit Pipoyan but I think we are all grown ups here and we can handle having different opinions. If however, you can't handle it - please feel free to not engage in reading my blog. I don't force anyone to share my experiences. Thank you. (Blimey - the nerve of some people!)
That being said - for those of you who have supported me in the music, in the school renovation, with moral support and kindness - thank you. It is a great priviledge for me to share that which I love to do and also my love for my homeland Armenia.
On that note - peace and love and happiness to those who are miserable - life is too short.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:30 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Barev, I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. It is unique because there are other blogs I read which are based on general life in Armenia, however yours is about life in and out of Armenia and the music life in and out of Armenia. (As well as the project). Well Done! Please keep blogging!

3:30 AM  
Blogger Sonya Varoujian said...

Thanks Rose,

Has been a heck of a year in 2006 - its nice to know people enjoy reading the blog! I hope to get back out to Armenia but maybe not for a few months. Here's hoping 2007 is the best year yet for all of us! Thanks!

4:35 PM  

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