Saturday, June 09, 2007


Have been MIA lately but that is because I have been going through a healthy metamorphasis. Don't want to say very much at all actually but wanted to touch base with cyber-world. I was sucked into Facebook last week which seems quite a time consuming distraction and voluntary aid for Big Brother to know what time you ate your lunch and who you saw and all that other very non-interesting malarchy. Because it gives you the ability to express yourself I thought I would really be cynical and let anyone who cared to know I was contemplating eating a croissant, then the moments when I ate it, the moments I began to digest. Ludicrous really....temporarily amusing myself but nevertheless I am sure the novelty will wear off until I find my long lost friend from Uzbekistan that I met in 77 who saved me from being trampled by a goat....Then ofcourse it will all be worth it....because friends like that - who save you from falling goats are few and far between...
I was driving home last night - after a splendid evening with some Armenian friends in what was a pub garden on a balmy evening. After exchanging numerous jokes, ideas, thoughts, and polite conversation I found myself on a long quiet drive home and wrote these lyrics....and thats all for today.

My life, my life is like nightdriving
I look back, look back in the mirror
On a solitary road
All I see is the darkness behind me
They say you reap what you sew
But you know in front, in front lies the light on the road

I thought it was right to care for all of those things
Things that seemed so pure, seemed so clean
And letting go is so much harder than bringing in
But now I know, it's okay to let go


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