Friday, February 23, 2007

16 Days and Counting

..........saxophones, trumpet, trombone, qanun, kamancha, drums, percussion, blul, duduk, shvi, zurna, bular, bass, cello, keyboard......
16 days and I meet up with the Armenian Navy Band in Lyon. If I can't get to Yerevan, Armenia fortunately I can get to Lyon, France and experience a small but very profound part of Armenia in France. 18 days to the absolute pleasure of seeing these guys do a live show. No two of which have ever been the same thanks to a level of musical competency that gives them the ability to improvise fearlessly and play the moment. A talent that not many musicians possess. A true inspiration for any music lover.
I apologise for my lack of interesting photos the last few months. Most anything coming out of England would appear to be gray anyway. I am waiting for my camera cable so that I can upload some photos. I still manage to zoom and click on interesting things - one of which was my father as Santa Claus this last Christmas. I had never witnessed this in all of my life and it was definitely a moment I will never forget!
So the good news is that feedback continues to come in from around the world regarding the Janapar recording. There has been interest expressed from many diasporans around the world such as Brazil, Argentina, Cyprus, and such so I emphasise that it would be with great pleasure that I come and share my music. Thank you. A most wonderful surprise was the purchase of my CD from a Korean in Korea. Just a confirmation in my belief that music is truly the universal language. So when Arto sings "doo doo da de doo danglar da da de doo da" and it speaks volumes there is no surprise. The message is in the emotion, the delivery, the sound. Precious music :)
Next Wednesday is a tribute to Hrant Dink in Central London hosted by Amnesty International. I am happy to be participating in the event. I will not be singing this time but I will be reading two poems in Armenian that evening, one that translates as such:

From Ravenna

Across the hoary crest of Ararat
Centuries have rolled, like a minute,
And passed on.

The lightning swords of countless storms
Have been shattered on its rock
And passed on.

The eyes of generations, in death-throes,
Have looked on its peak
And passed on.

Now, for a time, it is your turn -
You, too. must look at its proud brow
And pass on.


Hmmm - I certainly have looked at the proud brow of Ararat in awe many a time. It is an image forever haunting, forever changing, ever so majestic. So true that we will come and go and our dear mountain has been there since the beginning of time. Its awesome.
And so it looks like late Spring early Summer this year will hold a Sonya concert in London. Also on the agenda is a special acoustic concert by the ANB and if all goes well we shall have the full band here as well. I shall keep you updated throughout. Speaking of which hopefully I will get my camera cable soon and you can imagine there shall be photos of me grinning from ear to ear in Lyon.
Peace and love to all and a big big big thank you to friends, fans, and family that support and encourage the music.
Live life , live music.


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