Friday, September 22, 2006

The Marts School Project

And so I made it up to the village this past week with parents and friends in tow who were experiencing Armenia for the first time. It was wonderful to see that new desks and chairs had arrived, that there was running water in the newly tiled kitchen and buffet, and the classrooms are in the process of being refloored.
You can imagine my joy after all this time. A special thank you to Beecroft Primary School in Leeds, England for all of their dedication to this project, The Suner family in Seattle Washington who made it possible to do more than just the floor, and of course Shahe Khachadourian from Lebanon, not to mention everyone else who was involved - whether large or small - every little bit helped to make this project a possibility. Thank you!
The floors will be sanded and varnished and they have now been instructed to lay the wood in a slightly different manner to increase the longevity of the floor. There are 18 rooms in total - it is a big job but we seem to have it covered!
I will visit again in future and photograph the progress.
Until then I think they will be hammering away.


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