Sunday, March 19, 2006

3 Weeks to Go

Firstly I must speak about Beecroft Primary School. These children and their community along with the generosity of the Head Teacher are doing so much for Armenia that it fills me with immense happiness. In the past few months they have done some non-uniform days, a toy sale in which they have brought in all their unwanted toys to sell, and now they are preparing for a musical evening this week which will feature a projection of some of the photos of the village while the concert goes on. All benefits from this concert are once again going towards Martz. The school alone have raised over £700.00 and they are talking about sending some more after I am gone. One parent took it upon herself to raise money and donated £75.00. The outpouring of generosity is so touching. These children in Armenia will have their new floor and hopefully their new desks to write on as well. What a miracle!
Also - I have taught some of the children "Mardigi Yerkeh" for which I have written some verses in English - but to hear the children here in England sing one of the most loved Armenian songs and get excited about it is also something that is unexplainable for me. We Armenians have been silenced for so many years. If we all took it upon ourselves to give back a little bit of what the rest of the world has taken perhaps the next time someone mentioned Armenia people would know where it was and what it was.
The answers lie in our children. We should watch their reactions to their surroundings and ask about their opinions more often. You will be amazed at what you can learn!
I will try and put up some pictures of the little ones at their toy sale.
Peace, love and light

Sunday, March 05, 2006

One Month to Go

Incredible how time flies. Here I was thinking I had all this time to get myself organised - piano lessons, vocal lessons - things I'd never taken seriously but always taken for granted. I have 5 weeks to take off and I am filled with a mixture of excitment and fear. I am doing what I know to be right and have got a nce collection of songs to record with some that are still stuck up there in my head that will no doubt flow whan I am back in the right environment. So far I have managed to collect £700.00 for the school floor in Martz which will be replaced. I am thankful to all of those who have contributed. It is very hard to feel or want to do anything until you are there among them and you feel on your own flesh, bone, and soul what it means to be deprived.
The primary school (Beecroft) for whom I will work until the end of March have been incredibly supportive. The children in Martz will be so excited that other children in England have raised money for them. It makes it so much more special. I remember a child telling me that by us coming to see them that it made them feel that the world hadn't forgotten about them. They are so full of awe and wonder - I can't wait to see their little faces again. I see the children in the Primary school here in England and realise that children are the same everywhere - surely people are the same everywhere too. It is a shame us grown-ups start to complicate it all.
I recommend a good book "The Little Prince" by Antoine De St. Exupery. It was handed to me years ago. Never let the child inside die.