Friday, September 22, 2006

One Week of Heaven and Hell

So I admit to taking full advantage of the fact that my parents are here in Armenia for the first time. I have jumped on their minivan on several ocassions to see parts of Armenia I hadn't seen at all or had seen 20 years ago. Its been wonderful to spend time with them here and to see them going through the emotions that I first had coming here as a diasporan Armenia. Every photo except the 2nd and 3rd which are the same church are in a different region of Armenia. I gave up seeing another region today so that I could catch up with work and the less fortunate turn of events that took place in Yerevan.
I arrived in Armenia to find that although some things had been prepared regarding my concert on the 24th, with all the other events going on in town, 10 days before my posters had not yet been put up, the tv
advertisment had not been shown, and unfortnuately only a very small amount of sponsorship had been gained. Furthermore there had been no radio play and the music video had not aired and we were even lacking a percussionist. So naturally I called it off rather than committing career suicide. Although the musicians were not entirely pleased I felt that having them play to a hall that takes 600 people that would in the most optimistic light only have 300 people in it the day of the concert would be a lot more crushing to everyone's morale. So the plan is to give a concert at the end of October and it looks like it will be the 25th of October at the Avante Garde Folk Club on Pushkin Street and we may even add a show on the 26th. Yerevan has finally cooled down a little bit. Last night we celebrated 15 years of independence. It began with a military parade and ended with concerts and fireworks all over the city. Mayhem was once again in play and all had a good time.
There was so much going on that the electricity blew around midnight and I ended up giving an acoustic impromptu concert at our favourite wine bar. Makeshift was once again in play.
So much changes yet nothing changes here in Yerevan. I am happy to be here once again and look forward to what lies ahead. Will keep you posted.
Peace and love


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