Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Final Countdown

One week to go and I will be back up there with the warm glaring lights, 13 musicians, and quite a lot of expectant eyes and ears! It was quiet building up to this week but now it seems it's all rock and roll. I have an interview with Armenia Now tomorrow and another one with Channel One for a program called "Veradarts Tebi Abaka" (Return to the future). Monday and Tuesday promise a morning interview on Channel One, rehearsals, morning interview with the much loved and mutually dreaded Raffo and Hovo on Armenia TV, and another radio interview in the afternoon with Hay FM radio station followed by more rehearsing.
Yerevan is plastered with "Sonya" posters and thankfully to Arsineh my face is not plastered on them and therefore vanity is underplayed in the process! Phew! TV commercials start this Friday as to a more frequent showing of the music video and hopefully it will bring the crowds.
On a different note I have been taking a lot of the quiet time to think about life in general and I have come to the realisation that it is truly difficult to be an artist/musician and have people outside of the field "get you". Sometimes it is an incredibly lonely place to be... Where others my age have bouncing babies I seem to have concerts. It should be said that bouncing babies are a miracle in themselves and I would be mad to not want some of my own and I suppose I should start by accepting marriage offers perhaps!!! It has been a sad few days for Armenia. One of their much loved singers has died in a car crash. She was in her 30's with a loving family and a wonderful little boy with whom she recently did a duet and music video. She loved life and it is terrible to go so young and so suddenly. I feel for her family and mostly for her little boy who must be so confused and hurt right now.
On a lighter note I went to see a film called "Medz Badmutyun Pokr Kaghakum" (A Big Story in a Little City). This Yerevan production was absolutely hysterical. I spent a good part of the 90 minute film dying of laughter. Anyone who has not been to Yerevan should see this film to get a very real snapshot of the lifestyle and characters that exist in Yerevan. The story is great - I will not give too much away. Have a look for it on Armenian info pages. It's a real treat.
Also looking forward to many concerts coming up at the end of the month apart from my own - Gatuner, John & Bet Williams, Lilit Pipoyan, Artur Meschian, Shushan Petrossyan - should be a fantastic time. A time for inspiration for sure.
Autumn is my favourite time of year - it is inspirational regardless. To be here in Yerevan and watch the cold take hold of the city, the cafe's pack up, the tourists disappear. It is a great time for reflection and creativity.
On that note am off to have dinner with photographer friend Paze who has been hassling me to finish this blog because he is starving. With due respect...
Ciao, Hajogh, Paka...


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